diciembre 05, 2008

60 Visions (a Book of Prophecy)

Book I

Judgment Days

I:4 I personally is a servant of
His Imperial Majestic doing
no hard work, just doing what
Jah say I have to do. And true,
him give I the power to play music
and him give I the inspiration to say
these things to the people who Him
work trough. Because I know say,
Jah have I and I living in every life.

I:5 I mean maybe it's the beginning.
You know, me live within the time, and
me know what a gwaan. Because it's the
consciousness against folly; that's the
Armageddon. Now, you know, you could have
war, big war, and them thing there, but I and I
prepare to meet Jah, while other people prepare
for war, because is when them destroy themselves,
is not really righteous people like to fight bloody
battles. We prepare to meet our God... who not
prepare to meet God? Them fight the war. Is war
them deal with, so them just kill themeselves.

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